Let’s Go

In November of 2011 I believe God was looking down at me and said he was going to send a being that I would need in my life for a few years. Even though I resisted it,….

Always There

I was driving down the road recently and my thoughts went to negativity and fear. I felt a tap on my arm, a nudge that reminded me of Lucy trying to get up in my lap. She would do

Lucy Deserved the Best

When I brought Lucy home for the first time, I brought all of my knowledge into my experience with Lucy. Yesterday, I found out one of my football coaching heroes was going into the Hall of Fame. Jimmy Johnson mentioned a book that I immediately went out and purchased. I quoted the author in my book about Lucy. The book had a significant influence on how I wanted to deal with my dog. You can get it here.

Lucy The Comforter

Lucy the comforter. She knew I was not feeling well, and she was glad to comfort me. She was good at comforting me, as well as others. She was and is a gift from God to me, and all that we came in contact with if they chose to receive it. Click here to obtain your copy of the book, in Kindle or paperback.

Control is Vastly Overrated.

For years I have said that control is vastly overrated. In all my relationships I have (unsuccessfully) tried to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. There is no way anybody was going to agree with me on everything, and I want to respect their differences, even if I did not like it. One of the reasons I got a dog was to test this since I was usually unsuccessful with humans.

I hit the jackpot with Lucy, she was really smart, confidant, and eager to see everyone happy, even in disagreement. She and I developed a trust that amazed me. The leash turned into the equivalent of holding hands for humans. She knew how far to go, and she knew I would protect her.

Here the time had come when we had to go home from our romp at the stadium, and she got it. If you get far enough in the video, you will see her look away from me standing at the door of the car, and look at me to see if we could explore a bit more. I was fumbling for my keys, and she was waiting patiently for me.

Therapy Dog

This lady at this Adult Day Care loved Lucy.  Lucy would go up to the people and they were so excited to see her.  Lucy loved them too.

It is hard not to like Lucy

There is nothing like having a dog that just wants to be with you. I am here at my office, leaning forward, and she hops on my back.   I don’t want to move.


I used to hate it when dogs came up and jumped on me.  Lucy does this, and I can’t bring myself to break her from it.   It is hard to resist, especially when she does this dance from 4 feet away.