Just a Little Trust

As a set in his ways, crotchety old bachelor, I find it a waste of time to think about dating. Especially ……..

Lucy the Traveler

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine
When the pandemic started I hated the idea of sitting at home in front of a computer. I decided to hit the road. I made one trip to the beaches of Florida, but I spent a lot of time…..

See the World

Lucy made me go to places I never would have gone without her. What would have been a boring walk in the park for me became a new adventure for me watching what interested her. Watching her joy running in a place like this brought me more joy than I ever would have known before.

Hope is Always Available

The first day I saw Lucy, she exuded hope, even though she was in a cage. Whenever we went on trips, she looked for what might be next exciting stop. When the police pulled me over for speeding, Lucy bounced up to say hello, hoping for a new friend. And she won them over. Lucy reminds me that no matter what happens, don’t let the negativity get you down. No matter what we hear, never lose hope. Even at the end of her life, I know she had hope for me and my future. You see, before Lucy, deep down, I had lost hope in a lot of areas. No matter what I hear, I won’t lose hope for my future, thanks to having Lucy. Having her in my life gives me hope.


Upon publishing the book, and looking back on it I missed emphasizing some of Lucy’s virtues that I did not fully embrace. If you read the book and skimmed over the chapter on “Lucy’s Run” it might have passed the reader as well. Lucy showed courage, hope, belief in herself, and intolerance for negativity. I will always want to model that behavior in me as well.

Travels With Lucy

Lucy really was not looking for a showdown, she just wanted to say hi to a potential new friend. She loves everyone!

Lucy always figured out a way

Lucy had an independent streak that I deeply loved. If she could do it herself, she would. The exception would be the occasional test of me. Sometimes she would make me put her in the car, even though I knew she could do it herself. She just wanted me to prove that I would listen and care about what she wanted. She always had great joy seeing how she could successfully work me. I loved her for that. Here she decided she needed a drink of water, and she got it.

Too Tough For This

Look at this and imagine it is solid green. Imagine what it took for Lucy to remove all that green. I never use carabiners for their intended purpose, but I have collected a few. This one I used because I needed to keep Lucy locked up after the massive destruction she had done to my humble abode. This was an impediment to her freedom. While she could not break the carabiner, she found another way to escape. While I was frustrated at the time, I came to love her for her glorious determination. The full story is a classic, and it will be in my book.

Simple Moments

One of my favorite simple moment memories with Lucy. (click to see the full video)
First, I wanted to do my move that Megan Rapinoe stole with a small modification, then a dance with Lucy that often happened. She didn’t want to be caught, I would be embarrassed because she would not come to me. But I knew she was not going anywhere. She was my dog, and I was her human.