Let’s Go

In November of 2011 I believe God was looking down at me and said he was going to send a being that I would need in my life for a few years. Even though I resisted it,….

Lucy Deserved the Best

When I brought Lucy home for the first time, I brought all of my knowledge into my experience with Lucy. Yesterday, I found out one of my football coaching heroes was going into the Hall of Fame. Jimmy Johnson mentioned a book that I immediately went out and purchased. I quoted the author in my book about Lucy. The book had a significant influence on how I wanted to deal with my dog. You can get it here.

Don’t Take My Bone

As Lucy and I were developing trust, she learned to bring whatever food she found on our excursions to me for approval. It was an amazing trait, developed from our time together. Here she was letting me know that I better not take this from her. I didn’t. My lesson? Some people will take your bone, if you let them. Find those people that won’t take your bone, whatever that might be for you. Click here for more good lessons this guy learned from having Lucy.

Lucy The Comforter

Lucy the comforter. She knew I was not feeling well, and she was glad to comfort me. She was good at comforting me, as well as others. She was and is a gift from God to me, and all that we came in contact with if they chose to receive it. Click here to obtain your copy of the book, in Kindle or paperback.

Travels With Lucy

Lucy really was not looking for a showdown, she just wanted to say hi to a potential new friend. She loves everyone!

Excerpt from the upcoming book

Lucy’s feminine ways really were proven after the first time I took her to one of my favorite groomers. This particular groomer was a sweet young lady that ran a shop locally, and I never knew when she would be open. I was bad about making appointments, so I would stop by and see if […]

Lucy always figured out a way

Lucy had an independent streak that I deeply loved. If she could do it herself, she would. The exception would be the occasional test of me. Sometimes she would make me put her in the car, even though I knew she could do it herself. She just wanted me to prove that I would listen and care about what she wanted. She always had great joy seeing how she could successfully work me. I loved her for that. Here she decided she needed a drink of water, and she got it.

Hope is a good thing

I don’t have much to say about this, but hope was predominant in Lucy’s look. She was always looking for ways to make a better life for us, and that is why I miss her so much.