Lucy’s feminine ways really were proven after the first time I took her to one of my favorite groomers. This particular groomer was a sweet young lady that ran a shop locally, and I never knew when she would be open. I was bad about making appointments, so I would stop by and see if she was there or available. 
This young lady was super friendly, and I could tell she would be right for Lucy. When I came back to pick Lucy up, she was wandering around behind the counter like it was her home.
I saw that Lucy had her first bandana. As a guy, I never thought of the impact a bandana would have on a dog. 
Once again, I was amazed at this dog’s behavior. Her femininity became very apparent, as she walked with a prance in her step that surpassed her normal prancing. Like a high school girl going to prom in an expensive dress, she obviously thought she was the prettiest girl in the world with that bandana. 
It took me a bit to catch on to how much that meant to her, but it was hammered home to me in a few weeks when that bandana became so rancid that I had to take it off. She deflated right before my eyes. I picked her up, held her close and told her how pretty and precious she was. That picked her up, but not as much as when I washed the bandana and put it back on her..

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