In today’s world I think of Lucy often. I think she knew what was going to happen in 2020 and decided she didn’t want to be a part of it. I thought of Lucy when I heard of two people who were on opposite sides of the politics of the day, but got along with each other. Otherwise, I see people polarized, unable to talk to each other without their blood pressure going up, with insults, name calling and anger being the rule of the day. All Lucy wanted was to see people smile. She was my refuge from the storms of life, and she knew she could make people happy. We need to be like Lucy, kindness can be contagious.

Lucy’s enthusiasm for making people happy made me look tike the greatest guy in the world, just because I was with her. No only did she make me look like the greatest guy in the world, she made me feel like the greatest guy in the world. And she could make you feel like the greatest person in the world.

And that is priceless.

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