Do you have someone in your life that can finish your sentences and be right? Do you have someone in your life who tries to finish your sentence and is WAY out of line? I have too many that are wrong. Sometimes I just give up and walk away. Which is why Lucy is the love of my life. At my age, I don’t see anybody replacing her. It is too much work for most people.

I will always love this picture for what it represents. While part of her reason for getting here was the shade, the other was that she was in her last days, and she was just tired. Maybe she didn’t think I was hitting them that well.

That said, I knew one thing. Whether I wanted to keep working on my game or not, if I have any love in me at all, it is time for me to take her home for rest. She hung in there like a warrior until the end. So the last thing I told her was that I would tell anyone who listen how much she meant to me.

I love you, and I will always miss you, Lucy. You deserved love beyond measure.

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