I never thought I could love a dog so much.  I don’t know for sure where she had been before me.  I do know that I looked into her eyes and they just spoke to me like no being ever has.  She was in a wire cage with another sad dog.  I stuck my fingers through the cage and scratched her head.  Her tail started wagging, but slowly.  I saw the brightness and hope come into her eyes.  I felt it.  I wanted a dog.  I had a dog a few years ago, but felt I was to busy to give it the proper attention.  I gave that dog to my sister. Would I have the time to take care of this dog?  I turned away, drove 70 miles away to my home.  That was Black Friday, Thanksgiving 2011.  24 hours later I called to see if she was still available, and told them I was coming back for her.  I sound like a lovesick puppy, but I could not stop thinking of her.   So I walked in, and there she was, in a big pen, with about 15 other dogs.  The lady called her.  She perked up.  The lady held her up, I looked into her eyes, and I knew that was my dog.  I put her on the leash, she followed me to my truck, like she knew I was hers, and she hopped in it just like she was meant to be there.  She checked every corner of the truck and I started to drive, with her politely sitting in the back seat all the way home.

As I found out later, she is a charmer, and she was on her best behavior that night.

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