I was reading my Bible recently and came across a verse that reminded me of Lucy. I remembered this picture. I saw this look way too many times. The verse, 2 Corinthians 11:9 is all about the attitude Lucy displayed. You see, before I made her my dog, she had bounced from home to home. Never could find a place to call home. Even though I was committed to her, I loved her, and she knew it, she was ready to jettison me a few times. She had no tolerance for foolish behavior, and she was not going to put up with it. Whenever I saw this look, I knew I was not performing to her expectations. And I loved her expectations. I found out they were good for me and her.  She was a good dog, and she knew it. She was worth being loved and cherished. She believed in herself. With that attitude, she exposed a character flaw of mine. I have been capable of putting up with foolish behavior, believing I could change that person. Lucy knew when to cut and run, I did not. Thanks to her I am changing. I no longer want to suffer fools.

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