I love the movie A Dog’s Journey. The story about a beloved dog that reincarnates several times until it gets back to the owner that it loved more than any other. It resonated with me on many levels.

It came to mind recently when I ran into a lovely young couple in a retail establishment. The husband had a backpack with a dog in it.  The dog’s front paws were placed on his shoulders, and the dog could see where they were going. The dog looked at me and I was drawn to it. I didn’t want to be obnoxious, but I did take a good look at it. I moved on.

A few minutes later I ran into the couple again. I told them how I wished I had something like that with my former dog, but I don’t think she could stay in that place. He told me the dog couldn’t get out. The straps were well placed to keep the dog in place. Then I thought about the times and places Lucy made great escapes. But never when she was with me. Only when she was alone.

The wife said their dog is only happy when she is with them.  Bells went off in my head. I said that about Lucy. I walked over to their dog, who was looking at me with a happy look that I hadn’t seen since the early days of Lucy. As I got close, her head rolled at me just like Lucy used to do. That feminine flirtatious style that few master. More bells went off in my head. As I moved on, the wife said their dog was spoiled. I responded with my favorite line about Lucy.  Some dogs deserve to be spoiled.

I was reminded about how it has been 4 years since Lucy passed. (Okay, 4 years, one month, and two days, but who is counting). Today I hope that was Lucy reincarnated in that dog. I hope it was her that recognized me. But I didn’t see the desire to come with me.  And I am quite okay with that. You have to know that this was the environment Lucy always wanted. A family, a happy husband and wife that she could share and bring joy to their world.

People don’t like the title of my book. I love it, though it won’t sell books. Lucy was, and always will be the love of my life. Whether there is reincarnation or not, I love her so much that I hope wherever her spirit is, she is able to use her gifts to all who need them. I hope she is waiting for me at the rainbow bridge, but if she isn’t, I hope God has placed her where all her gifts can be used. To me, that is true love. Not because of what I want, but because of what is best for her.

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