When I see this picture¬† tears instantly well up. This is from the day that I found out Lucy’s time was short. You see, I was chatting up a friend recently about my dog. Every time I hear a story from someone about their dog, I get a big smile. While the stories are always good and heartwarming I am reminded of things that Lucy did that are just hard to believe. There were several times in her later years that she refused to come when I said come. I remember forcing her a few times and in retrospect, it was a mistake. I remember giving in to her a few times as well. Nothing bad happened. With her life here in my rearview mirror, thinking back and documenting times she would not come, I cannot think of one time that she was wrong for not wanting to come. They say you have to be smarter than your Jack Russell, but I say you don’t have to be smarter when you have a dog with a heart like Lucy had. As time passes, I realize I am not a dog person. I am just a Lucy person. So yes, dear people. Today, and most days #imisslucy. And that means #LucyForever

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