Since I lost Lucy 15 months ago,  I have recently gone to shelters to look at the dogs that are available. I have friends that have dogs. I look at their dogs and observe their behavior. Are they jealous? Are they desperate for attention? Are they secure? Are they confident? Are they friendly? I don’t expect them to be that way in a shelter. I am looking for something else. An emotional spark. A difference. A personal connection. One thing I find out every time I go to a shelter, every time I see a friend’s dog, is that I had a special dog. She was different. I was blessed with a unique dog. The other thing I know  is that while I love dogs, my life does not lend itself to being responsible for a dog. I am not a good dog owner. I have reconciled myself to that. I salute all of you who take on the responsibility of dog ownership. I have great respect for what you do to provide for them. I have great respect for the love you have for them. May God continue to bless you with the love and resources to provide great lives for your dogs.

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