I took the opportunity of Thanksgiving to reflect on all the good in my life, and my mind drifted to bucket list checkoffs. Some of them are still on my list, and some of those may never be accomplished. Some I will never get, and that is a reason to be sad. But no matter what I accomplish with the rest of my life, I cannot imagine any greater joy than my time with Lucy.  The smiles she brought to so many faces. Smiles on faces we did not know. Smiles on faces of people who did not like dogs, but could not resist her enthusiasm. Some of the best smiles were the ones that came from people who were hurting. One in particular that we had never met before that moment. No matter what I accomplish in life, if I can emulate my dog’s enthusiasm for seeing people smile, that will be the greatest accomplishment in my life. Nothing can surpass that. No motorcycle trips, no exotic vacation, and no amount of wealth accumulated. My dog is my hero, and will always be the love of my life.

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