Why do we keep moving forward?  

Because we have Faith

Because we have Hope

Because we LOVE TASKS

Because we LOVE People, even if we don’t like them.

We would rather GO than eat.

We LOVE to see you Smile

Because we are Brave

It took me a few days to buy nice sheets for my bed because I need not be concerned about Lucy’s nesting. But I would gladly sleep on cheap sheets if I still had her. I go to dog parks and watch dogs. I go to shelters and look at dogs. Not one has touched my heart like Lucy did the first day I met her. It’s hard to listen to people talk about their dogs and how proud they are. When I do listen, I know I had a special dog. She didn’t fetch, I didn’t teach her tricks, but I know I could have. The trick I taught her (and it was easy) is to respect one another’s issues. Both of us being happy was more important to us than anything. She was, and always will be, the love of my life.  That is why “My Failure as a Dog Owner” will return.

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