These eyes did a lot of talking. These eyes called me out on my own bs. When I spoke to her she seemed to understand. She knew what “too hot” meant. It meant she could not go with me. She would have to stay in the car. it would be dangerously hot. She would have rather been in the back of the Dog Mahal (my Subaru) than at home alone. Being in the back of the Dog Mahal meant she could see new places and new people. She understood why she could not go. But she did not like it. The resignation on her face let me know we had communicated. She was not mad at me. She felt the loss, but she knew I had to do what I had to do. She knew I deeply cared about her. In nearly 8 years she knew me better than anyone else on the planet. I doubt anyone will know me as well as she does. I am not sure there is a human capable, or willing, to make the effort it takes to obtain that knowledge. That is her legacy to me.

These eyes spoke to me often

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