First of all, thanks to everyone who bought the book and read it. I especially want to thank all those who had comments, questions, and feedback for me.

Writing the book was a great purge for me in getting the facts, as I saw them, out in public. I did not write the book expecting a bestseller. It was a year ago this month that I was told Lucy had two months. I began a grief process, and only recently have I been able to clearly look at the book.

As I started going over the book again,  I realize the deficiencies in the book made it difficult to completely understand, and the writing left many open holes for a wide variety of interpretations. I will do a rewrite, I will try to find a professional editor, and I might try to take it to a publisher. In its present state, I don’t think it is worth promoting.

One person was surprised that a short story in the book was about a real person. Their reaction to my giving the name of the person referenced was one of cognitive dissonance. I had no desire to make anything up. I took notes throughout my time with Lucy, and the book is a collection of those notes.  Another felt I did not go into depth about my philosophy, and I agree. I didn’t explain myself well enough. Someone said it was full of anger, but I only got mad once during the whole time I had Lucy. No matter, I will rewrite it.

I can see my formatting mistakes, my disorganization of the story, and know how desperate I was to let the world know Lucy. I am committed to letting the world know who Lucy was, but maybe it will be what she meant to me, with all my personal issues. I will continue to put excerpts from the book on this website. There will be expanded versions of all the stories, as more will be told about how Lucy and I developed an amazing trust and belief in each other.

The rewrite will have more about my faith in God, as I didn’t really go into it in this book. And that is what Lucy really helped me realize, how much faith I have in God.

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