Mutual Love and Respect Makes Training Easy

So many say Lucy was spoiled. I say all she wanted to do is make me happy, no matter. Funny thing is that if she thought I was showing off, she would not respond. If it was important, she did it. I say I had her trained, but she trained me as well. Love is a power that will always beat force..

Don’t Be Misled

The book isn’t so much about the best dog in the world as it is about commitment, failure, hope, overcoming, and the willingness to do whatever we can to be there for our loved ones, and those that love us. It is about looking at our human frailties ….

Lucy Reminded Me

Lucy reminded me of who I am. Here she hopped into my lap, anxiously looking to what smiling face we were going to see going through the drive-through. It was one of my greatest joys seeing her light up the person behind the window. It never discouraged her when the person did not respond.

Don’t Take My Bone

As Lucy and I were developing trust, she learned to bring whatever food she found on our excursions to me for approval. It was an amazing trait, developed from our time together. Here she was letting me know that I better not take this from her. I didn’t. My lesson? Some people will take your bone, if you let them. Find those people that won’t take your bone, whatever that might be for you. Click here for more good lessons this guy learned from having Lucy.

Excerpt from the upcoming book

Lucy’s feminine ways really were proven after the first time I took her to one of my favorite groomers. This particular groomer was a sweet young lady that ran a shop locally, and I never knew when she would be open. I was bad about making appointments, so I would stop by and see if […]

Hope is a good thing

I don’t have much to say about this, but hope was predominant in Lucy’s look. She was always looking for ways to make a better life for us, and that is why I miss her so much.

My Best Birthday

In keeping my promise to Lucy that I would tell the world how great she was, I am reminded of my birthday in 2017. A good friend had us over, and I had these three dogs peering intently hoping for some dropping of food. My girl Lucy was the farthest from me, and about the time of the picture I looked to see if I saw jealousy from Lucy. I never saw a bit of jealousy from Lucy. In my attempts at romance over the time I had Lucy, she was never jealous of the females. She welcomed everyone into our world, and I still knew I was her human, and she was my dog. #Imisslucy

Don’t leave me home alone

Before I told Lucy goodbye, I promised her that I would tell the world how much fun she was, and how great she was. I don’t know if she would want you to know this, but she was mad at me for leaving her at home when I worked, and this is my bicycle helmet that she damaged. I still wear it. I knew she was my dog when I saw this because I knew she would not put up with being penned in an enclosed space without her freedom. Just like me, she wanted to know what was going on out in the world, and I loved her deeply for it. Who cares about bite marks on a helmet? It works fine even today

I have had Lucy 17 months

I never thought I could love a dog so much.  I don’t know for sure where she had been before me.  I do know that I looked into her eyes and they just spoke to me like no being ever has.  She was in a wire cage with another sad dog.  I stuck my fingers […]