What is Fear?

Then I recently read Matthew 10:28. It tells me what to fear, and Lucy and I were not afraid of death.

There is Redemption

1. I have lied, but I am not a liar
2. I have been afraid, but I am not a coward
3. I have experienced failure, but I am not a failure
4. I have been battered and bruised,….

Trust is Earned!!!

Trust takes time. I had a dog that cared more about trust than any human being I have ever been with. She let me know who she was. She let me know what she expected. She also let me know that she loved me. She let me know she loved others. Smiles were her goal every day. She loved….

Reminders of Intelligence and Social

When I first took Lucy home, I was going to be the iron fist training my dog. I read books, articles and talked to every dog person about how to handle a dog. I was going…..

We REALLY Don’t Know

While it has been two years since I told Lucy goodbye, my last words to her ring in my ears often. I promised her that I would tell anyone who would listen that I would tell the world

My Dog Was Perfect….For Me

I was reading my Bible recently and came across a verse that reminded me of Lucy. I remembered this picture. I saw this look…..

We Keep Moving Forward

Why do we keep moving forward?

Because we have Faith

Because we have Hope

Because we LOVE TASKS

Because we……

Communication is Key

I will always love this picture for what it represents. While part of her reason for getting here was the shade, the other was that she was in her last days, and she was just tired. Maybe she didn’t think I was hitting them that well,……

Happy Father’s Day!!!

On Thanksgiving weekend of 2011 I brought home a dog. A rescue dog. Not a pup to raise from scratch. The first few years, in retrospect, were hilarious. Imagine a bachelor father has an instant teenage daughter. My dog was not going to put up with my behavior, and I was growing quite weary of hers. But real love, IMHO, is a funny thing. It is better when we work at it. I said I was…….