Life With Lucy

Salute to Dog Owners

I salute all of you who take on the responsibility of dog ownership. I have great respect for what you do to provide for them. I have great respect for the love you have for them. May God continue to bless you with the love and resources to provide great lives for your dogs.

Life With Lucy


On the second day I had Lucy I took this picture. She was studying my every move. Analyzing me like Jack Russells do. Their mind works continuously. They have to be on task. Everyone has an idea of what heaven is like……..

Life With Lucy

Sweet and Sour

I took the opportunity of Thanksgiving to reflect on all the good in my life, and my mind drifted to bucket list checkoffs. Some of them are still on my list, and some of those may never be accomplished. But no matter what I accomplish with the rest of my life, I cannot imagine any greater joy than…..

Life With Lucy

Freedom is Worth It

I came home to find Lucy had destroyed the pen….

Life With Lucy

Can We Not Fight?

In today’s world I think of Lucy often. I think she knew what was going to happen in 2020 and decided she didn’t want to be a part of it. I see people polarized, unable to talk to each other without their blood pressure going up, and name calling and anger being the rule of the day. All Lucy wanted was to see people smile. She was my refuge from

Life With Lucy

What is a true friend?

I had a guy tell me a long time ago that if you came to the end of your life and had one true friend, then you were lucky. I did not believe him. I thought I would have a bunch. I don’t have a bunch. So my encouragement

Adventure Dog

See the World

Lucy made me go to places I never would have gone without her. What would have been a boring walk in the park for me became a new adventure for me watching what interested her. Watching her joy running in a place like this brought me more joy than I ever would have known before.

Life With Lucy

Enthusiasm and Joy

Enthusiasm was always Lucy’s way. Nothing gave her more joy than seeing me happy.

Life With Lucy


To me, Lucy was more than a dog. She was not my companion on our adventures. She was not always obedient. She was not always happy with my behavior. She never seemed to be satisfied, she always wanted more. More for me, more for us, and more out of life. More than anything else, she was my partner. That is right, partner. We butted heads, we disagreed, we negotiated and compromised so much that eventually, we knew each other inside and out. She knew if I did not do it, I couldn’t do it. At the time of this picture, she hated looking at the camera. I was laughing at my unsuccessful attempts

Life With Lucy

My favorite excerpt from the book

“Meanwhile, I was still leaving her in the cage every day. Every dog owner/expert said they get used to it.  I had to keep anything I valued out of her reach from the cage. Then I had to secure the cage to keep her from sliding it to something she could grab and destroy. She got to the corner of my glorious chaise lounge and tore it. All the while she continued her determined efforts to make a break in the cage that would allow her to escape.

Finally, I came home one day to find the cage literally destroyed. Two weeks was all it took for her to destroy it. It was a pile of metal, stacked in the middle of the trailer. On top of that, once again, she seemed to be quite proud of herself. She was bouncing around with a look that said, “aren’t you proud of me”, “look at me, I got out!”. It was impossible for me to be mad at her, and I was not sure it would work if I did get mad.

I could not help but be proud of her that she had broken through. She was not here to be pinned up. Locked away from bringing joy to others was not her calling.”